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Moog MF-103 Moogerfooger 12 Stage Phaser Pedal

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List Price: $339.00
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Moog MF-103 Moogerfooger 12 Stage Phaser Pedal Product
Item #17173. Moog MF-103. This Item Qualifies for Free Regular Shipping to the Continental United States. The Guaranteed Lowest Price! 45 Day Return Policy on Most Items!
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Moog MF-103 Moogerfooger 12 Stage Phaser Pedal - $299.00
The Guaranteed Lowest Price!
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A high quality effect designed by Bob Moog.
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Moog MF-103 Moogerfooger 12 Stage Phaser Pedal

The 12-Stage Phaser's control parameters are Sweep frequency, Resonance, LFO Rate and LFO Amount. All of these parameters can be controlled by the great feeling knobs that beg to be tweaked as well as expression pedals or external control voltages. Panel switches select ranrge of LFO Rate and 6 or 12 stage phasing. 1/4" jacks are provided for audio input and outputs, pedal/control inputs, LFO out and auxiliary sweep input for bi-phase effects. The heavy-duty yet smooth-acting bypass switch allows tabletop or floor use.

A phaser is a type of comb filter, so called because its frequency response has several dips and peaks, like the teeth of a comb. As the phaser response sweeps back and forth across the frequency spectrum, the harmonics of the audio input signal are alternately increased and decreased. This produces the classic phaser "whooshing" sound. Phasing is one of the best ways to impart motion to a track and to make sounds come alive. With the MF-103 Phaser you can get swirling, shimmering, vibrating effects; fill up a whole stage from one sound source; even create brand new sonic textures.

The MF-103 produces two comb-filter responses. They are called 6-Stage and 12-Stage, because of the number of phase-shifting circuits that are used internally. The 6-Stage mode has three dips in its frequency response, while the 12-Stage mode has six dips. These two modes have distinctly different sound qualities. In addition, the MF-103 features a variable feedback circuit which increases the resonance, or depth of the phaser sound.


  • RATE rotary control, which varies LFO's frequency over a 250:1 range.
  • AMOUNT rotary control, which adjusts the amount by which the LFO output varies the phaser sweep.
  • SWEEP rotary control, which moves the phaser frequency response over a six-octave range.
  • RESONANCE rotary control, which adjusts the height and sharpness of the peaks of the phaser frequency response.
  • DRIVE rotary control, which adjusts the gain of the audio input to the phaser.
  • OUTPUT LEVEL rotary control, which balances the phaser signals with the bypassed signal.
  • LO-HI rocker switch, which chooses between the low LFO range (0.01 Hz to 2.5 Hz) and the high LFO range (1.0 Hz to 250 Hz).
  • LEVEL, a three-color LED that is used to set the DRIVE control.
  • LFO, a LED that indicates the LFO rate.
  • BYPASS, a two-color LED that tells whether the phaser is active or bypassed.
  • ON/BYPASS, a rugged, smooth-acting stomp switch.